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In May 2015 performed the course of Licensed NLP Practitioner. Consequently, I graduated from the NLP Life Training Institute, which is the largest NLP training centre in the world. Thus I received any training directly from the hands of the co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler.

The vast experience of Dr Richard Bandler over 40 years of study and training provided me with the best learning experience of my life. His deep curiosity and fascination with the psychological side of self-improvement led him to co-found the NLP.

This unique NLP training in which Richard has been carefully structured to raise my levels of learning to new heights.

Given the above, during this course I learned the main presuppositions of NLP, nonverbal communication, how to overcome fears, creating motivation and confidence and how to build the future you want.

Considering all aspects mentioned previously, I can say I learned new skills and, most importantly, new attitudes that allow me to use these even better skills.

My ways now develop in a way that I had never dreamed of before.